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Create Your Book (or Book Series)

Books can quickly and easily create thought leadership for the author and their company. A single book is great, a book series is even better.

Quick2Publish has written a white paper on the benefits of writing books. It covers the who, what, where, when, why and how of books today. The table of contents includes:
  • WHY write a book?
  • WHAT do you write about?
  • WHERE should you distribute it?
  • WHO writes it?
  • HOW long does it take?
  • HOW do you make sure that the book is successful?
  • WHEN do you start?
  • WHY wait to write your book?

Pick it up for $99 (applied toward your purchase).


Quick2Publish™ has a number of imprints (series of books) in progress for our clients. In addition to those below, we have 3-4 others in progress and would be delighted to create a new series for you!

SuperStarPress™ (42 Rules Series)

If you'd like a free consultation on how Quick2Publish™ can help you create your book or series of books, please contact us with your request.

"We needed to quickly produce an asset that would enable us to speak to business executives, and walk into corporations at the top level. Quick2Publish delivered just that, in a big way! We now have a new and effective tool to educate and communicate our message to a whole new set of audience."
Hung Nguyen, CEO, Logigear

"We knew that our company had built the 'better mousetrap' but we were having trouble getting industry recognition. Our marketing material was undistinguished. Then we became published authors - the Book "Happy About Apartment Management" established our company as an industry authority and instantly distinguished our collateral marketing material. This book has been a powerful tool that we have used over and over to open doors."
Bob Klag, CEO, Westlake Realty Group, Inc.

"It is one of those concepts that is both simple and elegant - it gives you credibility because you are taking the exact message from your clients - not just the customer quote, but the overall value proposition, the "pain" and the solution - from the client perspective - and sharing that story with a new audience. I would recommend this tool to anyone who believes that they should have a greater client base out there."
Jonathan Ziegler, Director of National Accounts, WorkforceLogic

"It's a gift. It's a guide. It's a chance to tell the whole story in a way that white papers only hope to achieve. It can take the time to tell the story instead of the bullet points and it's a tchotchke that people will not throw out - a book has intrinsic value."
Jim Sterne, President, Web Analytics Association


Take a look on how we can help you market your book or contact us with your request to discuss the possibility of us writing, publishing and marketing of your book (or book series).
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