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To stand out above the rest, your firm needs to be a thought leader. Traditionally, this is done with white papers and speeches at conferences. In today's world of quick2publish on-demand book publishing, thought leadership can be quickly and easily created through books.

Books can quickly and easily create thought leadership for the author and their company. A single book is great, a book series is even better. The following two assets discuss the effects that books have had on the businesses that create, promote and distribute them: 1) Quick2Publish's white paper and 2) RainToday's research study.

Delivering Revenue Through Thought Leadership:
On-Demand Book Publishing, The Next Wave

This Quick2Publish™ white paper covers the who, what, where, when, why and how of books today. The table of contents includes:

  • WHY write a book?
  • WHAT do you write about?
  • WHERE should you distribute it?
  • WHO writes it?
  • HOW long does it take?
  • HOW do you make sure that the book is successful?
  • WHEN do you start?
  • WHY wait to write your book?

Pick it up for $99


Marketing and Selling Professional Services:
The Business Impact Of Writing A Book

The Business Impact Of Writing A Book: Data, Analysis, And Advice From Professional Service Providers Who Have Done It

Find out how publishing a business book impacted 200 authors' ability to generate new leads, close deals, charge higher fees, differentiate themselves from competitors, improve their brand, and more.

Click here for more info and to purchase the study.

If you'd like to discuss how Quick2Publish™ can help you create your book or series of books, white paper or speech, please contact us with your request.
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