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Quick2Publish™, a California corporation, is a quick-to-market book publisher that has the distribution channels of the big guys and the customer service of Nordstrom. Quick2Publish™ books deliver wisdom. Our books are smaller, compact, high-impact reads that are typically 80-150 pages and are delivered in paperback, eBook, or podbook format. We are looking for authors to publish, companies that want books written for them and charitable institutions that are looking to communicate a message.

If you have feedback for us, please share. If you'd like to contribute to a book in progress or suggest a new title, we welcome your input.

We're experimenting with a hourly radio show held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month from 11:30a-12:30p pst. Mitchell Levy, CEO of Quick2Publish™ is co-hosting with Michael Dresser, a long-term radio personality. Broadcast on WTKM Radio 1540 AM, Hartford, Wisconsin.

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Management Team

Mitchell Levy
CEO, Quick2Publish® is a strategist, educator & prognosticator helping companies succeed by putting tools in the hands of corporations and individuals to allow them to create their own success. Books are his latest and most powerful toolset.

He is a frequent media guest and a popular speaker, lecturing on business and management issues throughout the U.S. and around the world. He has started 11 companies/joint ventures since 1997 and has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies. He has been involved with educating the public for the last 15 years by:

  • Authoring 5 books on various business topics and is working on his sixth "Happy About CEO Excellence"
  • Running the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program as well as a networking group for CEOs called CEOnetworking
  • Hosting a 750+ member CEO forum on eCademy, a social business network
  • Creating and running the Value Framework® Institute which focused on creating, managing and deploying successful business models
  • Being the founder of San Jose State University Professional Development's most successful professional development program
    "E-Commerce Management" from '99-03
  • Being the conference chair at Comdex in '00 and '01
  • Creating his own conference in '00 on E-Commerce Management
  • Running an on-line eZine since '99 which boasts over 5,000 subscribers
  • Running the strategic consulting company ECnow.com which has provided consulting to over 100 companies
  • Starting a Web presence company in '95 which created over 25 commercial Web sites
  • Starting a traditional publishing company in '91

Mr. Levy is also on the Board of Directors of Rainmaker Systems (NASDAQ: RMKR).

Willis Turner, CAE CME CSE, Executive Editor of the 42 Rules Series, has gained international recognition for spearheading worldwide membership and professional certification growth as the President & Chief Executive Officer of USA based Sales & Marketing Executives International.  Willis is also founder and CEO of Old Clayburn Marketing & Management Services Inc., a full service association management firm, and is Executive Director of the SME Foundation for Marketing Education.  As a well-recognized keynote speaker on professional certification, business ethics and leading edge sales and marketing topics, Willis leverages his worldwide business travel experiences to convey an informative and motivating message to his audiences.  He also volunteers in many capacities.  Willis is President of Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals Association. He has served as a member of Kaplan University Advisory Board (USA) and serves on the National Advisory Board for DECA Inc.  Willis has taught Sales Management at the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business. He resides near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife of 30 years.

Kimberly Wiefling, Executive Editor of the Scrappy About Series, is the founder of Wiefling Consulting, a scrappy enterprise enabling companies to tackle the impossible and get AT LEAST partial credit!

A business consultant and physicist by education, she spent 10 years at HP in technical leadership and project management roles, then 5 years in the wild and crazy world of Silicon Valley start-ups before leading one to a glorious defeat during the dot.com bust of 2001. Vigorously scrappy, she reemerged, consulting on leadership and project management worldwide – from Armenia, to Tokyo, to Silicon Valley.

Kimberly is the executive editor of The Scrappy Guides™, a regular contributor to the “Project Connections” newsletter, (70,000+ subscribers weekly), and her radio show, “The Scrappy Diaries,” airs regularly on WomensMedia.com.

Barbara von Halle, Executive Editor of the KPI Business/IT Transformation™ Series, is the founder of Knowledge Partners, Inc. (KPI) and a business rules pioneer. She is responsible for evolving KPI’s business rule management methods and tools (KPI STEP ™ License) and well as evolving their rule maturity model (KPI RMM™).

She serves as the Chair Person for Brainstorm’s Business Rules Symposium, and sits on the editorial board of the Business Rules Bulletin (electronic publication) as well as the BPM Strategies Magazine. In 1996, she received the honored Outstanding Individual Achievement Award from the International Data Management Association.

She is co-author of The Handbook of Relational Database Design (Addison-Wesley), which is beyond its 20th printing, co-editor of The Handbook of Data Management (Auerbach), and co-author of Business Rules Applied (Jon Wiley & Sons). She served as the leading columnist for 5 years in Database Programming and Design Magazine and the publisher, Miller Freeman, often displays “The Best of Barbara von Halle” on their Website.

Valerie Orsoni-Vauthey, Executive Editor of the Happy About® Self Development series which will include a number of series including: 30day BootCamps, The 25th Hour, Cracking the Weight Loss Code, and Doc and Petunia. She is the CEO and Founder of MyPrivateCoach.com, the leading USA and European coaching organization. Valerie is a Master Certified Coach and has been providing life, business and weight-loss coaching to hundreds of successful clients, including celebrities.

She is an inspirational, results-oriented, dynamic, and sought-after international speaker on motivation, nutrition, and healthy and permanent weight loss. She is a regular guest on the Good Life Show, invited on business radio and TV shows in Europe and frequently interviewed by the press.

Angelika Blendstrup, Ph.D., Co-Executive Editor of the Happy About® International Business Communications series is the founder and principal of Blendstrup & Associates. She is a business communications coach who helps foreign-born executives with problems understanding the complexities of
American business culture and the English language to communicate skillfully and effectively. In particular, she helps improve their written and oral communication skills, prepares them for media interviews and works on reducing their accents.

Angelika holds a Ph.D. in Bilingual, Bicultural Education from Stanford University. She speaks five languages and has taught US business communications skills to international executives both privately as well as in companies in the Silicon Valley such as DreamWorks, Sun Microsystems,
Microsoft, Oracle and Roche.

Elisabetta Ghisini, Co-Executive Editor of the Happy About® International Business Communications series specializes in cross-cultural business communications. She coaches senior executives on keynote speeches, corporate presentations, and media interviews. A former PR Director with Burson Marsteller, she orchestrated the worldwide media launch of Agilent Technologies.

As Communications Manager with McKinsey & Co., Elisabetta crafted high-impact communication programs for multinational companies, including HP, Bank of America, Allianz. She was also responsible for the Italian edition of foreign business books. Early in her career, she was an editor for foreign books at Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri in Italy.

Elisabetta is currently a guest lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where she teaches media and interviewing skills.

Liz Ryan, Executive Editor of the WorldWit Series, is the founder of WorldWit. She is an entrepreneur, former corporate executive, writer and popular speaker on at-work issues and the subjects of women, work and community. Liz was VP for Human Resources at datacomm manufacturer U.S. Robotics until 1997, when she founded Liz Ryan Consulting to help startups through Fortune 500 corporations with organizational strategy issues. Liz co-founded home networking startup Ucentric Systems in 1999 and, a month later, founded the ChicWIT email discussion group in Chicago. ChicWIT led to MassWIT, NycWIT, and eventually to the global WorldWIT network, the largest connected email discussion community and a leading resource for women in business and technology.

Liz speaks to corporate leaders and entrepreneurs about the new-millennium workplace, women, business and community, and work/life issues; her columns and advice appear in Fortune, The New York Times, and many other publications. Liz is a frequent commentator on CNN and other TV stations. She studied voice at the Manhattan School of Music; has a BA from Loyola University and MS from Northwestern University. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Michael and five children.

Thomas M. Evans, Executive Editor of the Happy About® Tax Remedies Series, is President of The Tax Co-Op Inc. and has spent the last 30 years formulating and implementing business strategies for companies as a senior executive. Over the past ten years, he developed proprietary computer programs for negotiating with the IRS, business simulation and debt funding for companies.

Mr. Evans has lectured at Stanford Business School, University of San Francisco, Golden Gate University and Menlo College on topics related to business strategy. He has an M.S. in systems analysis and decision theory from Stanford University; an MBA from the University of Southern California; graduate studies in mathematics and economics at the University of Minnesota; and a B.A. in economics from Cal State Northridge. Mr. Evans is a past Dean of Financial Planning Programs, has served on the Board of Governors for the Los Angeles Society of Financial Analysts and as director of the Small Business Development Center in Chicago.

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